Web Page Setup for Full Account Users

Before proceeding further please make sure you are a "Full Internet Account" Subscriber.
If you are a "PPP Only" Subscriber then this section does not pertain to you.

Step 1

Connect to GDN using a Telecommunications Program

Step 2

At prompt type: websetup

Step 3

Next change to the public_html directory by typing: cd public_html

Step 4

Download the index.html file, and edit it to your liking.
This is the main file that people will see when viewing your web page.

Step 5

Upload the index.html file, all graphic image files, and all other files that are required for your web page to the public_html directory.

Step 6

You can now logout, and log back onto GDN with your Dial-Up Networking.
Your web page can be found at http://www.gdn.net/~username

UNIX Commands that you will need to know

Command Usage What the Command does
cd [directory name] Changes to directory specified.
rm [filename] Removes/Deletes filename specified
sz [filename] Download's filename specified with ZMODEM Protocol
rz Initiates Upload with ZMODEM Protocol
mv [old filename] [new filename] Renames a file from the old filename to the new filename
mv [filename] [path] This command can move the filename to the path specified.
logout or exit This will log you out, and hang you up from GDN.